Our Products

Bath Towels and Flannels

With a focus on quality, comfort, and innovation, we can be your trusted partner for wholesale bath towels that redefine luxury – whether you’re on the look out for plain-dyed towels or a unqiue, custom patterned design.

We embrace innovation in our manufacturing processes by using advanced techniques such as ring-spun cotton, ensuring durability and a smooth, refined finish.

Or, experience the ultimate in softness with zero-twist technology, where each fibre is liberated, resulting in a lofty, incredibly absorbent towel.

We have experience designing & manufacturing a range of towel sizes from face cloths to hand towels, bath towels to bath sheets, as well as innovative products like Velcro Towel Wraps & Hair Wraps.

Bath Mats, Pedestal Mats & Two Piece Sets

With a passion for both design and craftsmanship, we specialise in creating bath mats that transform any bathroom into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

Immerse your customers in the luxurious feel of our hand-loomed bath mats, where skilled artisans weave intricate patterns and textures to create a truly bespoke experience. 

Our tufting techniques add an extra layer of plushness, providing a soft landing for every step. 

Whether your preference is for classic elegance, contemporary flair, or bold and vibrant designs, our wholesale bath mats come in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns to suit every taste.

With experience in creating co-ordinated collections with matching bath mats & toilet mats or two-piece sets which make a fantastic retail offering.

Blankets and Throws

Partner with us to bring an extra layer of style and warmth to your customers’ homes.

Our throws are crafted with precision using techniques such as hand looming and space dyeing, ensuring each piece is a unique masterpiece.

Our commitment to variety is reflected in our range of materials, colours, designs, and patterns. Whether your customers crave the cosiness of classic neutrals, the vibrancy of bold hues, or the allure of unique patterns, our existing collection has something to suit every taste.

What sets our throws apart is not only their design and craftsmanship but also the thoughtful finishing touch. Each throw is elegantly ribbon-tied, making them an irresistible and gift-ready item for your retail shelves.

Luxury Beach Towels

With a proven track record of supplying some of the largest high street retailers in the UK, we are the trusted source for beach towels that blend fashion, function, and quality.

We understand that a day at the beach is not just an activity; it’s a lifestyle. Our beach towels are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring designs that capture the spirit of seaside adventures, from vibrant patterns to classic coastal motifs.

With years of experience working closely with large high street retailers, we’ve honed our production processes to meet the highest standards.

Our beach towels are not only a testament to design excellence but also boast durability and absorbency. We take pride in offering a range of sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every beachgoer’s needs.

Bathrobes & Dressing Gowns

Elevate your retail offerings with our exquisite bathrobes, where premium materials meet impeccable craftsmanship.

Our bathrobe collection boasts a range of premium materials, ensuring durability and a sumptuous touch against the skin. Whether your customers prefer the classic comfort of toweling or the subtle sophistication of waffle texture, our robes cater to diverse tastes.

With experience working with Hotels & Spas to ensure their guests enjoy their stay in comfort, you can rely on Marvel X to provide robes where luxury and comfort intertwine in every stitch.

Multi-Purpose Rugs

We understand the importance of offering products that not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but also contribute to its cleanliness and comfort.

Our multi-purpose rugs cater to a variety of needs, from adding a pop of colour to creating a barrier against dirt and debris.

Our range includes hand-woven chindi rugs, where vibrant colours and unique textures come together in a symphony of creativity, and practical door mats engineered to prevent dirt from entering your home, creating a harmonious blend of function and fashion.

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