Modern Slavery Statement

This statement sets out the steps taken by Marvel X Limited ( the “ Company”) during the financial year ending 2023 to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains.

The Company is committed to ensuring that its business and supply chain reflects the Company’s values and respect for human rights. The Company is committed to strengthening its processes to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

All employees involved in the engagement of vendors will be instructed to communicate our strict compliance with anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking policies to all prospective parties at the outset of our business relationship. We will monitor the relationship and give appropriate direction to vendors, when required.

The Company is a leading player whose core business is distribution and sale of home textiles products in UK and Ireland. It sources its goods from India and Turkey. The factories are complying with all necessary national laws in place and have a valid audit through Sedex or BSCI.

The Company complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where the Company conducts business. The Company’s Ethics and Compliance Manual provide guidance to all officers, directors and employees and representatives on compliance with international trade laws.

The Company’s vendor evaluation process will include appropriate process to vet current and potential vendors for their possible involvement in modern slavery and human trafficking. The compliance process with include, amongst other things, screening of vendors for the presence of forced and child labour. If we discover evidence of slavery or human trafficking with any of our vendors through this process and such vendor refuses to comply, we will refrain from doing business with such vendor. Further our factories will take have a BSCI or SEDEX audit in place.

To maintain internal accountability, all relevant personnel will be trained to recognise environment, health, safety and labour concerns including issues relating to slavery, human trafficking and forced labour, and to report and investigate all suspicions of improper conduct by vendors.

Signed: A. Chaturvedi (Director)

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